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Card Images

Card images can be scanned and saved as one of the following file formats: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Card image files are stored in a Deck Folder Name which is stored in the ..\My Documents\Orphalese Tarot\Packs folder. The Deck Folder name determines the Deck name as it appears in the My Decks list on the Orphalese Main Menu and files within the folder follow a specific naming convention so that the program can recognise them.


Packs FolderPacks Folder













The following table illustrates the Orphalese Card File Name (numbering) convention of a standard Tarot Deck:

Table CardsTable CardsAny quantity of images can be stored, as long as the first image is numbered 00.

*In many Decks, the Strength and Justice Cards are often transposed/exchanged and can be numbered as either 08 or 11. The Compare Cards Tool relies on the correct card numbering sequence so the same card from multiple decks can be displayed and compared. To ensure consistency, consideration should be given to renumbering these two Cards within their individual Decks, so that the Strength and Justice cards are always numbered the same throughout your Deck collection.

The Card numbering sequence also determines the ascending and descending order for sorted Deck Shuffles.

The Back of the Card Image is also stored in the same folder.

Other files stored in the Deck Name Folder include:

    • Packinfo.xml
    • PersonalPackInfo.xml
    • CardData.xml
    • PersonalCardData.xml

The CardData.xml and PersonalCardData.xml files store Card Notes.

The Packinfo.xml & PersonalInfo.xml files store Deck Information.