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Pop-Up Notes

The Card and Spread (Description) Notes created in Orphalese can be displayed in a Pop-Up Window during a Reading by hovering the mouse over a Card that appears Face-Up on the Desktop. Use the Mouse Wheel to scroll up and down to read all notes.

Card Notes in a Pop-Up

Press the F8 function key to toggle between displaying the Little White Book (LWB) Notes (yellow) or the Personal Notes (pink).

Pop-Up LWB NotesPop-Up LWB Notes

Each time you switch from LWB to Personal Notes (by pressing the F8 function key, the following screen is displayed:

Pop-Up MessagePop-Up Message














Check the Please do not show me this again box if you do not wish the message to appear again.


Spread Notes in a Pop-Up

If the reading used a Spread that has Card Position Notes, the Pop-Up Window will contain a combination of both Notes.
















Pop-Up Notes in a Saved Reading

Reading Notes in a Pop-Up are displayed in green.

Pop-Up Reading NotePop-Up Reading Note




















To Suppress Pop-Up Notes

If you prefer that the Pop-Up Notes are not displayed, click Function Key F8. Click Suppress Pop-up.

Card NotesCard Notes


      Repeat the Steps to reactivate Pop-Up Notes.


Sharing Pop-Up Notes

Upload or download Card Notes by choosing File Exchange >> Exchange Card Notes from the Orphalese Menu.


Pop-Up Notes Options

    The following Settings can be changed through the Options (Cards) Tab:
    • Use Fade Effects for Pop-up Notes - Cards Tab
    • Show pop-up notes when Cards are face down - Cards Tab