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Closing Orphalese Software

To Close/Exit the Program:

    • Press the ESC key; or

    • Click the Windows Close X button; or

    • Right-click on the small System Tray Orphalese icon, then click Close; or
    • Right-click on the Orphalese Taskbar Window, then click Close.


When closing/exiting the program by any of the above options, the following screen will be displayed:

Close ProgramClose Program

Click the Yes button to close the program.



Close/Exit Program Settings:

The following Orphalese settings can be changed through the Options >> Program tab:

      1. Prompt Before Closing - Removes the "Close program" message.

      2. Minimize to system tray when closing - Keeps the program running in the background and places an Orphalese Icon in the System Tray.

        Clicking the System Tray Orphalese Icon brings the program back to focus
        Note: Selecting this option automatically removes the Prompt Before Closing option.

      3. Allow multiple instances of program  enables the program to be opened multiple times.