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A Spread is the physical laying out of Cards on a table for a Reading.
















Spreads are stored in the ..\My Documents\Orphalese Tarot\Spreads folder and follow a specific naming convention so that the program can recognise them. 

 Spreads FolderSpreads Folder


Different Spreads can be used for different Readings. The number of Cards in a Spread can vary as can the meaning of the Card which depends on the position it occupies and the Cards that surround it.

Cards can be manually dealt from the Deck to create a Spread on-the-fly. Alternatively, Spreads can be created using Create New Spread and saved to the My Spreads list making them available for repeated and future use. Additional Cards can also be manually added on-the-fly to any opened Spread.

To Select a Spread:

    1. From the Orphalese Desktop, click on the grid to display the Orphalese Menu. Click My Spreads.

      A list of Spreads will be displayed.

My SpreadsMy Spreads


    1. Click to select a Spread from the list.

      Cards will automatically be dealt into the spread positions from the current deck (unless another Deck/Subset has been tagged to be used with the Spread, in which case, the Deck/Subset will automatically be switched and Cards will be dealt from that Deck/Subset).

To View the Spread/Card Pop-Up Notes:

    1. With an open Spread, hover the mouse over any Card to view the Card's Pop-Up Notes (if Pop-Up Notes have been set to be displayed).

      Card Position Notes will be displayed at the top of the Pop-Up Notes if they have been created for the Spread.



Different Decks/Subsets can be associated to different Spreads, so the specified Deck/Subset is used each time that Spread is selected. Spread Notes can be created and will be displayed as a Pop-Up Note when the Spread is selected in a reading by hovering the mouse over the Deck (Spread Note/Description) or Card (Position Name and Note/Description).

The Spread Management Tool emulates Windows File Operations and can be used to create a sub-folder system to group and store the Spreads.

Orphalese Spread information (such as Spread name, number of Cards, Card positions, Deck name - if one is tagged to be used with the Spread, and Spread notes) are created in an Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) file format and stored in the ..\My Documents\Orphalese Tarot\Spreads Folder.


Uploading/Downloading Spreads

Registered/Licenced Users can Upload or Download a spread.


Create New Spread ButtonCreate New Spread Button