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Software Download and Installation

Download File Location

Orphalese Software can be downloaded from:


Download Edition Options

Three different editions allow you to download the most recent Evaluation Software version with sample Decks. Select from:

  1. Classic Edition
  2. Aeclectic Community Edition
  3. Tarot of Dreams Edition

The Classic Edition includes the Imperatrix Tarot and the Traditional Tarot designed by resident graphic art expert, F.J. Campos.

The Aeclectic Community Edition includes the third and fourth Tarot Decks, artists' commentary, plus a program background designed by members of the Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

The Tarot of Dreams Edition includes a visually rich and detailed Deck designed by the highly acclaimed digital artist, Ciro Marchetti with notes by Lee Bursten. The Deck explores exciting new interpretations of Tarot symbology, while also providing traditional esoteric attributions.


To Download the Software:

    1. Navigate to the Download Webpage. The current Evaluation Software version is listed at the top of the page.

    2. Click the Click Here to Download link for the selected Sample Deck Edition.
      The download file appears at the left-hand, bottom of the screen.

    3. Select the drop-down arrow to display a menu.

    4. Select Open when done.
      When the Open File - Security Warning window is displayed, the download has completed.

To Install the Software:

    1. From the Open File - Security Warning window, click the Run button to run the pre-installation of the software.

      A Windows Installer window is displayed. A highlighted bar shows the pre-installation progress.

    2. When the pre-installation has completed, the Orphalese Tarot Setup Wizard is displayed and will guide you through the installation process.
      Click the Next >  button to continue.

    3. The Select Installation Folder window is displayed.
      Leave the default Folder as is, or click the Browse button to select an alternative Installation Folder.
      Click the Next > button to continue.

    4. The Confirm Installation window is displayed.
      Click the Next > button to start the installation.

    5. The Licence Agreement window is displayed.
      When you have read and agreed to the Licence Agreement, select the I Agree radio button, then click the Next > button.

    6. The Installing Orphalese Tarot window is displayed with a bar to show the installation progress.

      An Installation Complete window will be displayed when you have successfully installed the software.

      Click the Close X button to exit.