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Create New Spread

Create New Spread is a tool that lets you create and edit XML files through a graphical user interface without having to know anything about XML.

To Create a New Spread:

    1. Press the F5 function key; or

      From the Orphalese Desktop, click on the grid to display the Orphalese Menu, click My Spreads >> Create New Spread.

      The Create New Spread Window will be displayed:

Create New SpreadCreate New Spread


    1. Enter the Author's Name.

Create New Spread - AuthorCreate New Spread - Author




    1. Enter a Spread Name and Notes (Description).

Create New Spread - Spread NameCreate New Spread - Spread Name

Note: When selecting a Spread from the My Spreads list, the Spread description is displayed in a Pop-Up Note when you hover the mouse over the Deck.


    1. Click the Add Deck or Add Subset button to select a Deck.

Create New Spread Add Deck buttonCreate New Spread Add Deck button
Note: Spreads can be created using specific Decks and/or Subsets so that the associated Deck/Subset is automatically opened when the Spread is launched from the My Spreads Menu.

Use Current Deck is selected by default. Creating a Spread with Use Current Deck uses the Deck currently being used (rather than an associated Deck/Subset) when the Spread is launched from the My Spreads Menu.

A screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Create New Spread - Select DeckCreate New Spread - Select Deck










    1. Select a Deck(s) and click the OK button.

Associated Decks/Subsets are displayed in the bottom pane:

Create New Spread - Selected DecksCreate New Spread - Selected Decks

    1. Click on the Deck/Subset then click the Add Card button to display a Card.

Create New Spread Card 1Create New Spread Card 1


          An image representing Card Position 1 is displayed on the Background. The number on the Card represents the order in which the Card will be dealt.

    1. Move the Card (drag and drop) to the required position.
      Note: Using the Snap to Grid option assists to place the Cards on the Background with more precision.

    2. Click on the Card, then enter a Position Name and Note (Description).
    1. Note: The Position Name and Note (Description) is displayed in a Pop-Up Note when you hover the mouse over the Card in that position.

      Create New Spread - Card 1Create New Spread - Card 1


      • Increase or decrease the position Card Size by clicking the + or - buttons.
      • Click on a Card, and click the Remove Card button to remove it from the Background. Clicking on the Remove Card button without selecting a Card first will remove the last added Card.

    1. Repeats steps 6 to 8 until all Cards have been positioned on the Background and annotated.

Create New Spread - FinalCreate New Spread - Final


    1. Click the Save button when the Spread Creation is completed.
      The Save As window is displayed with the Spread Name you entered when creating the Spread.

      Note: The Spread Name is also the .XML File Name which must conform to standard Windows naming conventions. If you type inadmissible characters the following message will be displayed:

Spreads Wizard File NameSpreads Wizard File Name


    1. Click the Save button to save the Spread and return to the Create New Spread window.

    2. Click the New button to create another Spread; or
      Click the Close button to return to the Desktop.

      The Spread is now included in the My Spreads list:

My SpreadsMy Spreads



To Edit a Spread:

    1. From the My Spreads Menu, click Edit Spread.

      My Spreads - Edit SpreadMy Spreads - Edit Spread

The Select Spread window will be displayed:

Edit Spread - SelectEdit Spread - Select















    1. Recently created Spreads may not immediately appear on the list. Click the Refresh button to display the most recent list.

    2. Spreads are listed in ascending alphabetical order. Click on a Spread to select it, then click the OK button.

      A screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Spread EditSpread Edit


    1. Make any changes and when completed, click the Save button.

    2. Click the Close button to return to the Desktop.