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Orphalese Forum

The Orphalese Forum located @ is an online/internet site/message board where people can discuss a range of topics by posting messages.

The Orphalese Forum is hierarchical or tree-like in structure and contains the following sub-forums:

  • Program
  • Help Using the Program
  • Community
  • Decks
  • Spreads
  • Other

Within each sub-forum there are several topics (or threads). The sub-forums have been created to group topics/threads of a similar nature. For example:

  • The Program sub-forum - is a place where the Programmer can announce information about new software releases; and where you can share tips, request program enhancements, or report problems you are experiencing with the software (errors, bugs, installation difficulties etc).
  • Help Using the Program - is a place to post messages about this Orphalese Help website.
  • The Community sub-forum - is a place to post messages about the forum itself and issues affecting other users.
  • The Decks/Spreads forums are places where you can discuss decks/spreads.
  • The Other sub-forum is a place to discuss everything else.

Registered Users have full access to the Forum and can read and post new topics/threads and messages.

Evaluation Users can read the posts but they don't have access to reply or create new messages.

Behaviour on the Forum follows standard protocol and etiquette guidelines. For example, a posted message might need to be approved by a moderator before it becomes visible, or may be removed by a moderator if it is deemed inappropriate. The Forum is managed by Willowsheart (Orphalese Tarot Major Contributor and Volunteer Helper) who can be contacted at


To Open the Forum

    1. From the Orphalese Desktop, right-click on the Deck to display the Orphalese Menu, click Orphalese Tarot Community >> Forum.


      From the Orphalese Website, click Forum.


Community ForumCommunity Forum