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The File Exchange

The File Exchange is a tool that permits Registered Users to share files (including Decks/Backgrounds, Spreads and Card Notes). Uploaded files are cached on a central server (for a set period of time) which minimises the stress on the sharer's machine.


To Open the File Exchange:

    1. From the Orphalese Desktop, click on the grid to display the Orphalese Menu. Click File Exchange.

      Menu File ExchangeMenu File Exchange
    2. Choose from: Exchange Decks, Exchange Spreads, or Exchange Card Notes.

The Deck Exchange

Deck ExchangeDeck Exchange

















Deck/File List:

Several columns contain information about the Deck/File:

    • Comments (Number of comments shared)
    • Name (File/Deck Name)
    • Type of Deck (eg Tarot, Oracle, Cartomancy, Other etc)
    • Author (Deck Author)
    • BKG (Background Image Yes/No)
    • Notes (Card Notes Yes/No)
    • Kb (File Size)
    • Shared By (User Name)
    • Updated (Last Update Date)

File Exchange - Decks SortFile Exchange - Decks Sort


The Files are displayed in ascending order by Name. Clicking on any of the Columns sorts that page's information in ascending order by that Column. Clicking on the Column again reverses the sort order.


The Comments Column is sorted by lowest number of Comments at the top.

The BKG and Notes Columns are sorted by Files that do not contain Backgrounds and Notes at the top.


Deck Name Filter


Use this field to search for a Deck.

File Exchange - Deck FilterFile Exchange - Deck Filter




Select from:

  • Most Recently Uploaded
  • Deck Name
  • Latest Comment


To Search for a Deck or File:

    1. Type the File or Deck Name into the Deck Name Filter field and click the Search button.
      A screen similar to the following will be displayed:

File Exchange - Deck SearchFile Exchange - Deck Search







Peer-to-Peer File ButtonsPeer-to-Peer File Buttons


The File Exchange includes the following buttons:


Page Navigation

The Number of Files/Decks displayed can be set in Options, Number of Results to Request.


Peer-to-Peer Results to RequestPeer-to-Peer Results to Request




The first page displays the number of results as set. Click on the Numbered buttons to display the next page of results.

Peer-to-Peer Page NavigationPeer-to-Peer Page Navigation

Status Bar

The Status Bar displays the Number of:

    • Users sharing
    • Available Decks
    • Safe Search Status

Peer-to-Peer Status BarPeer-to-Peer Status Bar