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Full Screen Mode

To maximise the Desktop reading space, switch to Full Screen Mode which removes the Windows Title Bar and sets the Windows Task Bar to Auto-Hide (hiding the Task Bar when within the Orphalese program, but showing it when using other programs).

To Set Full Screen Mode:

    1. From the Orphalese Desktop, click on the grid to display the Orphalese Menu.

    2. Click Full Screen.
      A screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Full Screen ChangeFull Screen Change





    1. Click the OK button.

    2. Close and Restart Orphalese Tarot Software.

Full ScreenFull Screen









The Title and Task Bars will no longer be displayed. Viewing the Menu displays a tick against Full Screen:

Full Screen TickFull Screen Tick





To Navigate to Other Windows and Programs from Full Screen Mode:

Press ALT + TAB keys to toggle to other windows and programs.

To Return to Normal Screen Mode:

Repeat the To Set Full Screen Mode steps to remove the tick and restore the screen to normal mode.

Note: Orphalese will need to be closed and reopened for the change to take effect.