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View Details

In the File Exchange, when a Deck/File is selected, clicking on the View Details button displays the information about the Deck/File. Card images are also displayed at the bottom of the Window. Use the Slider to move through the Card Images. Clicking on a Card Image will load it to the Preview Window.


Peer-to-Peer Details ButtonPeer-to-Peer Details Button


Clicking on the View Comments button, opens the Comments Window.


File Exchange Details Comments ButtonFile Exchange Details Comments Button






















Clicking on the View Pop-up Notes button displays the Card Notes.

File Exchange Details Popup ButtonFile Exchange Details Popup Button






















To install the Pack/Deck:

  1. Click on the Install Now button.
    The Save As window is displayed:

Peer-to-Peer Details Install Now ButtonPeer-to-Peer Details Install Now Button


  1. Select the Folder to house the Deck/File then click the OK button.
    A screen similar to the following will be displayed:

Peer-to-Peer File/Deck DownloadedPeer-to-Peer File/Deck Downloaded



  1. Click the OK button and the Deck will be installed and appear in the My Deck list.

Peer-to-Peer File/Deck Downloaded My Decks ListPeer-to-Peer File/Deck Downloaded My Decks List